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SpecIalist Sports Coaching for Young Children focussing on Agility, BAlance and Co-Ordination through Sport.


Welcome To The Sporty Ballers

Sporty Ballers provides children the perfect outlet to keep them physically active while having fun and learning valuable life skills in a child friendly environment. Designed for and delivered by specialists ,children as young as 18 months to 8 years our learn The fundamental skills of a variety of sports through indoor and outdoor activities which are sure to cater to their playful needs. 

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colorful hands

Peter’s Mom

I am very satisfied with Sporty Ballers as this is the best sports club i have ever seen.

father and kid

Robinson Crosoe

Lovely class today, Jacob really enjoyed the games and his listening and understanding skills have genuinely improved.

mummy and kid

John Doe

I Just Wanted To Let You Know When I Asked Melle Wednesday Evening The Best Part Of His Day Was, He Said One Word Football :)


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